Up to 70% off Best Sellers Home Cloud Kitchen Dish Rack Steel |Dish Drainer | Steel Drying Rack with Removable Drain Board, Rack 2-Tier Large, Size(43L x 31W x 18H cm), Alloy Steel, Black
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    Up to 70% off Best Sellers Home Cloud Kitchen Dish Rack Steel |Dish Drainer | Steel Drying Rack with Removable Drain Board, Rack 2-Tier Large, Size(43L x 31W x 18H cm), Alloy Steel, Black

    Up to 70% off Home Cloud Kitchen Dish Rack Steel |Dish Drainer | Steel Drying Rack with Removable Drain Board, Rack 2-Tier Large, Size(43L x 31W x 18H cm), Alloy Steel, Black

    Product Description


    Dish Rack Black

    Dish Rack Black

    Dish Rack Black

    Dish Rack Black

    Dish Rack White

    Dish Rack White

    Black Dish Rack

    Black Dish Rack


    This drying dish rack with dual layer design saves more place. It is also detachable to perfectly keep your kitchen essentials such as dishes, cups, bowls, knives and forks dry and well organized. Surely it will bring you a neat and tidy kitchen countertop.


    This plate stand is constructed with heavy duty and rust-resistant chromed wire for stability and durability; it is also protecting your dishes and sinks from scratch.

    Home Cloud kitchen Dish drying rack /Dish Drainer /utensil stand, With Removable Drain Board, rack 2-tier large size(43L x 31W x 18H cm).

    Utensils Holder with Compartments

    The utensils holder with compartments allows you to separate your silverware or flatware when dishwashing.

    Our kitchen rack and dish mat feature a water drip tray that can be cleaned easily without taking dishes out of the rack the sink to help avoid any threat of bacteria, mold, or rust build-up.


    The all powder-coating matches most décor schemes; the outer finish protects this large dish drainer from water and rust, the stylish and elegant streamline design is perfect for home kitchen environments.

    This dual layer dish drying rack features a stylish modern streamline design effortlessly adding contemporary feeling to your kitchen. You detached the top dish rack or just stack them together to easily keep your kitchen essentials clean and dry from drips and spills.

    Fashionable Design

    2 Layers Front Loot2 Layers Front Loot

    Removable Cup Holder Anti-scratch design to keep the glasses perfect, no noise. utlery cover avoids the contact of the fork knife and eliminates odor. Drying Rack, Metal Dish Rack with Drip Tray Dish Rack and Drainboard Set for Counter Large Kitchen Use this multi-functional dish rack over the sink or on the counter, save tons of space and time Draining board with drip tray to easily drain out water your cleansing and draining work Big Capacity for your home utensils and kitchen tools Separate partition to organize your utensils There are two styles to choose from: double-layer white, double-layer black

    1. Exquisite appearance, perfect integration of space aesthetics and wire craftsmanship.

    2. Reasonable partition layout, classified storage of chopsticks and spoons, vertical placement of dinner plates, in order.

    3. The design of the drain pan at the bottom makes it convenient to pour out water drops and keep the storage utensils dry and clean, safe and sanitary.

    4. High-quality flat iron design, electrostatic spraying treatment, not easy to rust. Humanized round corner design to avoid scratches and protect your safety.

    5. Using imported beech wood on the back, the texture is clear and beautiful, and the natural breath is always revealed.

    Dish Rack with Drainboard Collect the Excess Water

    Collect the excess water, designed for quick drainage, Removable Drain Board can catch the excess water and drips, keep your counter dry and clean.

    Quick water drainer function

    This is a tableware storage dish rack with a unique INDIAN style and a storage design with spatial aesthetics. The storage is well organized, which is a beautiful landscape in the kitchen.

    Black 2 Layer RackBlack 2 Layer Rack

    Stable And Durable

    Hold Dishes And Utensils In An Average Household. It’s Not Bulky Either, Taking Just A Fraction Of Kitchen Space.

    The Lower Tier Has The Plate Drainer Rack That Can Hold 10 Plates And A Flat Rack For Bowls, Glassware. The Detachable Top Portion Acts As An Extra Holder Of Cups And Mugs.Extra Parts Add Convenience: The Drain Tray Catches Water Drips; It’s Removable For Easy Cleaning. On The Side Is A Cutlery Basket, Great For Keeping All Your Utensils In One Place.The decorative elements are not included in the delivery.eep your kitchenware dry in place to speed up your dishwashing process. At the same time, the unique design and beautiful colors complement each home kitchen decoration.

    Make your kitchen more clean and tidy.

    Rack White 2 Layers

    Rack White 2 Layers

    Rack 2 layers white new

    Rack 2 layers white new

    2 layers black new

    2 layers black new

    Wide White Rack

    Wide White Rack

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble also convenient to move if necessary.

    The drain pan can prevents the kitchen top from getting wet.

    Easy to disassemble and clean.

    Keep the storage utensils dry and clean, safe and hygienic.

    2 layer shelves, make the most use of your space

    The Connector provides solid support, so there will be no wiggles and keeping your plates from crashing down.

    Organize your utensils, keep kitchen neat and tidy

    The two layers dish drainer can hold a large number of bowls and dishes, the side bracket and be used to hold cutting boards, chopsticks, knives and so on.

    Easy to install and remove without screws and tools

    This 2 tiers design offers more space without costing more countertop space, so it is easy to fit with your kitchen surrounding.

    White Rack NewWhite Rack New


    The dish wash rack won’t take up too much counter space but offer plenty of room for all your plates, bowls, eating utensils, and even your cutting board.

    Black Dish Rack 2 layersBlack Dish Rack 2 layers

    Easy to Fit with your Kitchen

    Chopsticks and spoons are sorted and stored, and the plate is placed vertically.The texture of the handle is clear and beautiful.The dish drying rack is processed with coating technology effectively prevents rust.Suitable to use this dish drying rack over the sink or on the countertop.


    Dish Rack Black

    Dish Rack Black





    Product description:-

    Dish Drying Stand Bowl Storage Rack Plate Organizer Utensil Holder for Kitchen Countertop Large Capacity Antibacterial Stylish.

    Smooth surface: Polished luster and smooth surface. And all materials and processes comply with international environmental standards. Large capacity: The upper and lower rack design. Meet the basic needs of the family. The design of two detachable drain trays effectively prevents cross contamination of upper and lower tableware.

    Product Features:-

    Feature: 1. Kitchen storage shelf, using high‑quality metal + PP material, which is durable and long‑lasting.

    2. Adopts hollow designed, ventilated and breathable, moisture‑proof, which can keep tableware clean and hygienic.

    3. Stable structure, can store bowls, dishes, chopsticks, spoons, etc., prevent the tableware from falling.

    4. It can accommodate different sizes of dishes and bowls, strong load‑bearing, and easy to assemble.

    5. Tableware drying rack, with a water tray to store drained water and keep the kitchen countertop tidy.

    Design: Elegant 2-Layer Dish Rack

    Design: Elegant 2-layer dish rack comes with double-layer shelves and double drainage design from top to bottom layered, side expansion, both sides are designed for the organization of cups and tableware; reasonable storage of your dishes, cups and each kind of tableware. It is not only easy to drain, but also keeps the kitchen clean. Material: Use high-quality, thicker and firmer materials, come with non-slip foot pads, which ensure that the dish rack stands well and prevent scratches on the countertop, and the rack is stronger, so that the tableware and fork cups are placed safely.

    GET YOUR SINK & KITCHEN COUNTER IN PERFECT ORDER: Doing the dishes is a messy chore €“ everybody knows that. No matter how large your sink and kitchen counter may be, you€ll often end up with soapy water everywhere, a ton of half-dry dinnerware, and no really good place to let them dry. This utensils stand /dish drying rack with drain board, however, is here to change that once and for all. No more messy sinks and counters €“ your kitchen can finally stay in order.
    Home Cloud €“ YOUR NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR HOME ESSENTIALS: At Home Cloud, we€re more than just about providing you with great and practical solutions for your home and work spaces. We also aim to inspire trust. That€s why our utensils stand/dish drying racks, just like all of our other Home Cloud products. Thanks for visit us.

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