Buy Home & Kitchen products Obage HT-303 2.1 Home Theatre Speaker System with Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, FM, USB Port
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    Buy Home & Kitchen products Obage HT-303 2.1 Home Theatre Speaker System with Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, FM, USB Port

    Buy Home & Kitchen products | Obage HT-303 2.1 Home Theatre Speaker System with Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, FM, USB Port

    Product Description



    Hey Music Lovers! Your wait for an ideal 2.1 Speaker system is over. For all those who wish to enjoy music for long duration without feeling fatigued, HT-303 is a great choice. It easily covers closed rooms of upto 175 sq.ft. and is NOT meant for loud listeners. Enjoy natural vocals with extraordinary clarity.

    Woofer: 5.25″ woofer pumping 30W RMS at 5% distortion. Bass goes down to 50 Hz for that depth of bass you have been searching for.

    Speakers: Two full-range speakers of 3″ each, with 10W RMS electrical input at 5% distortion, going upto 15 kHz.

    HT-303 is designed for those who care for details in their music, clarity in vocals and a soothing experience in sound.

    Be ready to be amazed by the extraordinary clarity of Obage HT-303 2.1 speaker system. Make sure your room has good amount of sound absorbents and is of appropriate size. Obage customer care can provide guidance in this regard, make sure you call them.

    Terms of after-sales-service


    1 Year for Obage HT-303

    Onsite service is subject to availability of pin codes.In case, service is not present, the customer has to send the product to Obage service centre in Delhi via courier. The customer will bear courier cost of one side.This whole process can take time, please co-operate.





    v shape

    v shape

    bass treble control

    bass treble control

    Heavy bass

    Special emphasis on bass makes it ideal for bass lovers. The special part is that the bass does not distort the vocals. The bass goes deep down to lower frequencies.

    Crystal clear sound

    Soothing sound and high clarity makes it perfect for long duration listening. Emphasis is given to sound quality rather than sound quantity. Loud listeners will surely be disappointed.

    Fun, in a non-fatiguing way

    HT-303 maintains the clarity in vocals, fun in bass and details in highs for a beautiful listening experience. Enjoy the marvel of V-shape sound signature.

    Bass-Treble control

    Multiple controls allows you to adjust music balance according to your own taste. Keep the Bass and Treble at full to enjoy default setting of Obage, that is, V-shape sound signature in HT-303.







    HT-303 is already bass boosted

    Since HT-303 is already bass boosted, no need to artificially boost bass. Relax and let the bass hit you.

    Distortion is bad

    Distortion is the biggest enemy of any speaker system. Beware!

    Only for indoor use

    HT-303 is designed for indoor use only. Keep it that way! Remember that it is NOT meant for loud listeners.


    Pre-buying Consultancy

    Bluetooth version
    5.0 4.2 4.2 4.0 4.0

    FM radio

    Made In
    India China China China China

    Woofer size (inch)
    5.25″ 4 4 5.25 4

    Wattage (RMS)
    50 watts 40 watts 32 watts 54 watts 37 watts

    Satellite cabinet material
    MDF wood MDF wood Plastic Plastic Plastic

    Item weight (kg)
    9.5 3.5 2.6 4 2.8

    Covers upto 175 sq.ft of closed rooms having good acoustics, that is enough sound absorbents.
    Meant for clarity lovers and those who love details in their music.
    Long duration listening comfort.
    Bluetooth 5.0, FM, USB, Aux support

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