Best Cat Tree For Large Cats | Callas RioAndMe Ultimate Thick Cat Tree with Toy and Scratching Post (Biege| 4711)
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    Best Cat Tree For Large Cats | Callas RioAndMe Ultimate Thick Cat Tree with Toy and Scratching Post (Biege| 4711)

    Callas RioAndMe Ultimate Thick Cat Tree with Toy and Scratching Post (Biege| 4711)

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    Product Description


    Cat TreeCat Tree

    Adorn your living space with an accessory that is certain to keep your cats engaged in the best way. This thick cat tree has a playful edge, embedded with a dynamic utility. It is the perfect tool for your pet’s happiness.

      Plush Covering

    The post is mostly covered using skin‑friendly plush fabric. It offers feline-friendly softness and warmth, that your cat will never grow tired of.

      Sturdy Build

    The cat tree is crafted from MDF wood. It can bear heavy weight. It has a strengthened base plate for increased overall stability.

    Cat TreeCat Tree Ideal for All Sizes

    This activity tree has everything your cat needs. It has a cat cave, two dangling toys, a rope and a sleeping platform. Your kitty can play and rest.

      Scratching Posts

    This cat tree is extremely easy to assemble with basic tools. It is provided with a detailed graphical instruction sheet for hassle-free installation.

    Easy To Assemble

    This accessory has a graphic manual that depicts its easy assembly process. It offers hassle free installation.

    Cat TreeCat Tree

    Cat TreeCat Tree

    Cat TreeCat Tree

    Designed to Fulfill Your Cat’s Nature – This indoor cat treehouse is a go-to spot for your cat to play, exercise, and relax. Multiple scratching posts reinforced with natural sisal rope will satisfy your cat’s instinct of scratching. Multiple layers and ladder also meet your feline’s climbing nature. The cozy condo is a perfect hideaway for your sensitive baby to enjoy privacy. The top perch with raised edge feeds your cat’s desire to look out the window and to take a sunbath on sunny days.
    Sturdy Construction for Maximum Safety – Crafted of heavy-duty particle wood, the strengthened base plates double secure the overall stability so this kitty climber won’t shake or fall down when your cat jumps in or out. The robust posts are made of high-density particle wood tubes which can bear lots of weight and hold all platforms firmly without any wobbling, ideal for large kittens and adult cats.
    Superior Quality Materials – All platforms and supporting posts are made of strong P2-grade particle wood, ensuring the safety of your restless cat while climbing up and down. The skin-friendly plush covering gives feline-friendly softness and optimum warmth which your cat will never get enough of. The durable sisal rope allows your cat to sharpen the nails while saving your delicate furniture from scratches.
    Easy Assembly Cat Tree – Easy-to-use cat tower equipped with detailed graphic instructions for hassle-free installation. This attractive cat play tree in elegant gray will blend nicely with your room decor as a piece of modern cat furniture. A perfect gift for both your kitten and your sweet home!

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