Big Deals on Queen Games Spooky Castle - Game

Big Deals on Queen Games Spooky Castle – Game

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Queen Games 30041 – Spooky Castle

Janet Kneisel and Wolfgang Dirscherl

Spooky Castle is a mag(net)ical, cooperative, and communicative gaming adventure in a spooky setting.

Spooky is a junior ghost, who has to take his admission examination in the Spooky Castle. All players play together to help Spooky pass the examination.

In turns, the players assume the role of Spooky, by putting on the Spooky mask, and pokeing around the Spooky Castle with the magnetic wand. The fellow players give useful instructions, thus seeing him through the castle in search of the magic items inside.

But junior ghosts beware: There are also some adult haunting ghosts lurking within the Spooky Castle, and time is running short.

A fun game for children or the whole family.

Core Information Players: 2 – 4 Playing time: 20 minutes Age: 6 years and up Cooperative game Communicative game All players involved at the same time For beginners and advanced gamers Highly variable in game setup and difficulty Easy to learn Made in Europe

Magic Items

Build the Spooky Castle differently every time you play! You can combine two different wall parts and face them different ways on the game board in each game. The magic items are distributed on the board randomly as well.

Spooky Mask

Put on the the Spooky mask and assume the role of Spooky in turns. The player with the Spooky mask has to find two magic items in the castle with the ghost wand, following the instructions of the other players.

Quest Cards

Pick up and deliver the two magic items from the active quest card. All quest cards in play have to be fulfilled in time. Change the number of quest cards needed to fulfill and / or the time frame for a different difficulty level.


Move the ghost wand around the castle, following the instructions of the other players. When you hear a ‘click’, the wand attracted a metal disc. Deliver the magic item or the haunting ghost to a starting point at the edge of the game board.

Game Setup

About Queen Games

Queen Games, a small family run operation, prides itself on quality game production from ecologically sustainable sources since over 25 years.

Today, the product range covers a wide spectrum, from children’s games all the way up to strategy games. Whether for two people or the whole family, there is a game for everyone!


Cooperative and communicative fun
Magnetic Board Game; Many ways to play

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